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RoundedBox is an ASP.NET server control to create rounded corners with almost no effort. Please visit RoundedBox' homepage to see live demos and learn more details.

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Wordpress to Drupal migration utility

wp2drupal module allows quick and easy migration of Wordpress blog under Drupal's wings. Tested and supported versions are Drupal 4.7, Wordpress 1.5 or 2.0 and PHP 5.

Some interesting features:

  • Posts, comments, categories, pages and users are migrated. wp2drupal respects unpublished and private settings so no non-public information will be revealed to unauthorized eyes after migration.
  • Module is highly configurable. You can, for example, specify node types of imported posts and pages, each imported string can be run through custom string handling function etc. To not harm usability, wp2module comes with well-thoughtout default values so you will typically only need to adjust a very few settings.
  • wp2drupal tries to make its best to handle strings and their character encoding right. For example, string are automatically „iconved“ if needed. You will appreciate this when your blog doesn't speak English.
  • wp2drupal module provides a very flexible URL redirection mechanism. It is not Apache-dependent and works very well on an arbitrary server platform (tested under IIS + isapi_rewrite). Redirection rules are stored in a database table so if you wish, you can build your own redirection script although the default one that simply works is provided out of the box.
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