RoundedBox - ASP.NET server control to create rounded corners

Rounded corners are trendy. They increase webpage's eye-appeal and are employed by many famous websites. Unfortunately, it's not very easy to create them. Convince yourself.

There are many techniques to create rounded corners: images inserted into table or into nested divs, JavaScript-generated HTML with beforehand prepared CSS, one nice trick which uses JavaScript only, browser-specific non-standard CSS attributes, server generated images etc. etc. Why is such simple effect so hard to achieve?

Always wanted to create rounded corners box like this one with almost no effort? Meet <bb:RoundedBox> ASP.NET server control.

RoundedBox is the ultimate solution. It is an ASP.NET server control which simplifies rounded corners development as much as possible.

  • Do you need a perfect control over rounded corners design and prepare images yourself? So just tell RoundedBox where he finds them and you're done. HTML rendering is done automatically for you.
  • But image preparation is hard and boring, right? So let RoundedBox generate images for you.
  • Or maybe you don't want any images at all. There are certainly such scenarios (you know it best). When you need just decent corners, it's no problem for RoundedBox - JavaScript will do the trick.

RoundedBox is a nice demonstration of the basic ASP.NET philosophy - bring ease to web development. Concentrate on the content, on the added value. Technical details of rounded corners implementation will be provided by RoundedBox.

Got interested? See live examples.

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