Future plans

RoundedBox is pretty usable right now but there are many things that could be improved. Here's the list of future plans, although it's not sure when I will have time to implement them (RoundedBox is open source so you have always chance to hack the source yourself).

  • Better JavaScript implementation in NoImages method. The primary goal is to implement corners radius adjustability.
  • Better support for generic ASP.NET server controls rounding. Wouldn't be nice if you could simply tell that all headings of level 1 should be rounded with given parameters?
  • Full usage of the space inside the rounded box. Currently, some areas are inaccessible, e.g. top-most and bottom-most regions between rounded corners.
  • Support for legacy browser which cannot interpret XHTML + CSS markup.
  • Make use of the browser-specific CSS extensions. For example Gecko engine can create rounded corners with -moz-border-* CSS properties.
  • Better design-time support.
  • Use of Web Resources (currently, external files are emmited to the server)
  • Reduce count of HTTP request-response cycles by combining all rounded corners images into one big image (see wellstyled.com article)
  • Better code documentation
  • Better support of inheritance for possible child controls
  • Conversion of some string properties into strongly typed properties (e.g. CornersToRound).
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