What's new

  • 1.0.1 - February 12, 2006
    • License changed from "proprietary open source" to the standard 2-clause BSD license.
    • Major bug was fixed that prevented color to be specified with #rrggbb string (only named colors worked).
    • Some other minor fixes.
  • 1.0.0 - December 02, 2005
    • Initial release
    • Basic functionality implemented - RoundedBox behaves as a standard ASP.NET server control, i.e. makes use of the ViewState, skins, supports visual design etc.
    • Three rendering methods are implemented - NoImages, PreparedImages and GenerateImages.
    • Nifty Corners are used as an internal implementation of NoImages method
    • Transparency supported wherever possible
    • Anti-aliasing supported if the user supplies UnderlayColor property
    • When PreparedImages method is used, RoundedBox automatically computes default padding so that the content of the box never interferes with the graphical border
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