You can download three things - binary distribution, source code distribution (RoundedBox is open source) and test project which is a packed website with several prepared RoundedBox configurations (this test project is also online so you can see the results immediately). Changelog is placed on the separate page.

If you have no idea what to do with downloaded files, see the usage guide.

Current version

You get everything for free. My only wish is that you let me know on what website you use RoundedBox. Please send a short e-mail to b . bernard (at) centrum . cz. Thank you in advance!

Test project

Test project is here for you if you want to test RoundedBox in your environment thoroughly but also without much effort. Unpack the test project, copy RoundedBox DLL into Bin directory and now you're ready to go.


I'd love to hear your feedback! If you have any comments, please visit feedback page. Anyway, enjoy RoundedBox. I hope that your webdesigner life will be a bit easier.

Change log

Wanna know what's new? See changelog page.

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